Knowing the father of her child could be one of three men - Marlon, Cain or Chris, pregnant Charity decides that she might be able to use her condition to her advantage. First she persuades Marlon to let her stay at Pear Tree Cottage, promising not to mention their night together. Charity then pays Zoe a visit to inform her that the baby she is carrying is Chris's, hoping the news will encourage Zoe to change her statement. Having proposed to Cain that they become a proper family Charity convinces him that the baby is his, primarily to stop him from testifying against her. However the plan backfires when Zoe approaches Cain to ask how he feels about bringing up Chris's baby. Cain reacts badly, certain that Charity has been deceiving him to save her own skin once again. Bob persuades Viv to give Eddie more responsibility at the café so the salesman decides to use the position to make some quick cash. Having been conned the previous day after Zak planted a fingernail in his food to get a free meal, Eddie decides to take a leaf out of the Dingle book. As he takes an order from a bread supplier he cunningly plants a beetle in one of the cakes. As hoped Eddie is given the order at a reduced rate. Proud Eddie then gives the money he saved to Viv to pay off Donna’s birthday fund debts. Elsewhere, Paddy is furious with Marlon about allowing Charity to stay at Pear Tree Cottage and Marlon catches Shadrach talking to the press about Charity's pregnancy but is spooked when the old man suggests that Marlon's new housemate is more than just a friend.


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