Andy gets an unexpected call from the Manchester police saying that Daz has been caught joyriding. With his mum refusing to pick him up from the station Andy has to take responsibility. The unruly boy is scared to face the wrath of his mum alone so Andy accompanies him into the house. However uninterested Denise just tells Andy that she can’t handle Daz any more, leaving her wayward son in Andy's care while she goes out with friends. Andy reluctantly takes his brother back to Butlers Farm for the night. Cain confides in Lisa over his feelings of betrayal after almost believing Charity about wanting to become a family. Meanwhile, Debbie senses Cain's hurt and so marches round to Pear Tree Cottage to give her mum a piece of her mind. Debbie dishes out some home truths to Charity about the morals of using and manipulating people, particularly an unborn baby. When Charity admits that she's a useless mother and is considering having an abortion Debbie emotionally blackmails her into promising to keep the baby whatever happens. Marlon is reaching breaking point living with Charity and his guilty conscience. Worried sick that the baby could actually be his, the suggestive comments from the likes of Viv about his pregnant housemate touch a raw nerve. Eventually Marlon's driven to begging Zak for refuge on the Dingle sofa until Tricia gets back. Yet another scandalous article appears in the local tabloid, this time exposing Charity's pregnancy and previous occupation as a prostitute. It doesn’t take long for Zak to sniff out the insider and when he catches up with Shadrach the dirty cash is confiscated to pay back the money he previously stole from Chas. Zoe has an unexpected proposition for Scott giving guaranteed access to baby Jean. After summoning him to Home Farm, Zoe offers Scott a well-paid job working in the Tate Empire doing chores.


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