Following his brush with the law, Andy reluctantly lets Daz stay another night to keep him out of trouble. Whilst working on the farm, the brothers spend a surprisingly enjoyable day bonding. However, when elusive Denise turns up unannounced to collect Daz, Andy is caught off guard and can’t help but feel protective. He tells an irritated Denise that Daz is staying with him until she gets her act together. Charity’s day goes from bad to worse after waking with morning sickness and then firing her lawyer. Desperate to clear her name Charity is convinced that persuading Zoe and Cain to change their statements would be the key to her freedom. When her lawyer warns against breaching bail conditions by communicating with the witnesses, Charity angrily questions whether he actually believes she is innocent. The lawyer is unable to give a straight answer and Charity reacts badly, sacking him on the spot. Hearing the news, Debbie worries about how her mum will be able to afford another brief to represent her case. Terry is pleased when he finally takes his first step, under the supervision of his physio. However is later disheartened when asked to wear an eye patch to help with his balance. When Zak tells him that Jack’s surprise birthday party is in two week's time Terry makes it his recovery goal. Rodney and Danny return from their travels in South America, but are keeping the fruits of their trip firmly under their flat caps for the time being. Zoe softens slightly towards Scott allowing him to help feed baby Jean after he successfully collects the rent from Butlers Farm.


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