Trying to take troublesome Daz under his wing, Andy warns him to stay out of trouble while he's working. However it's not long before Daz is up to his old tricks again. Having dropped Katie off at Butler's Farm after her shift, Robert absent-mindedly leaves the keys in the car ignition, leaving Daz with the perfect opportunity for some fun. Joyriding Daz doesn’t hesitate to jump straight into the driver's seat and firing the engine up drives straight into a stack of hay bales at speed. Furious Andy, Robert and Katie are left to dig the unharmed boy out of the car. Rodney's mystery Chilean stock arrives at Mill Cottage, however Nicola is less than impressed by the contents of the truck – a hundred bottles of wine. Embarking on a new venture into the wine industry Rodney gathers all the villagers to taste the produce. The event is a roaring success with Rodney making good sales on his first day of business. Katie has been getting an abundance of male attention since starting work at The Woolpack, particularly from flirtatious Scott. Chas is amused by all the interest in Katie, pointing out to the naive blond that even brother-in-law Robert obviously holds a torch for her. Dawn tries to remain positive about Terry’s recovery despite her father's obvious doubts. During a visit to the hospital, Bob makes it clear that he thinks Terry will be incapacitated for a lot longer than Dawn expects.


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