The pressure of having to deal with a newborn baby on her own is taking its toll on Dawn, as Terry remains incapacitated in hospital. Juggling household duties and coping with TJ becomes all too much and Donna is left to pick up the pieces as the teenage mum sheds a few tears. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Terry can’t help but notice his wife's fraying nerves. He sets himself a goal for recovery and is determined to get his strength back as quickly as possible. But his attempts at taking his first unaided steps end in misery, as Terry is unable to support his weight and collapses to the floor. Dawn is at the end of her tether as he is later despondent and refuses to talk to her. Infuriated that Daz has written off his car, Robert threatens to call the police, but Andy manages to calm his brother down and offers to pay for the damage in installments. Having caused nothing but trouble since his arrival, Daz lays low as he feels guilty about the damage he has caused until he stumbles across Debbie in the village. The troublesome pair soon get themselves into hot water, as they dare each other to steal something from Viv’s shop. Will this lead to a final red card for Daz as he pushes Andy's reluctant hospitality a bit too far? Elsewhere in the village, Katie is late for work and is forced to change in Robert’s car as he gives her a lift to the pub. Cramped in the back, she struggles to do the buttons up as sneaky Robert watches her dress in the rear view mirror.


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  • This was a one-hour episode.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,500,000 viewers (21st place).
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