It seems that baby TJ can sense Dawn’s distress, and spends the entire night crying. Without a wink of sleep, wild thoughts go through Dawn's head as she angrily looks at the helpless child bawling its eyes out. In desperation and deprived of sleep, will Dawn harm her beloved baby? Viv eventually comes to her rescue and takes TJ, to give Dawn some much-needed time out in the pub. Finding her father behind the bar, the new mum is brokenhearted as she admits she can’t cope and she should never have married Terry. Meanwhile, unable to sleep Terry tries to take a few more steps in the middle of the night but collapses from his hospital bed. His therapist tries to talk some sense into him, but persistence finally pays off when he later manages to take a step without falling. Elsewhere in the village, Andy is pleased when Daz’s new found friendship with Debbie appears to be keeping him occupied. But Katie has concerns about Debbie’s motives for hanging around when she finds out she has a crush on Andy. In the shop, Eddie appears to be up to his old scheming tricks again. But with Viv's reputation at stake, Emily is determined to keep her beady eye on the situation to make sure he isn’t up to anything untoward.


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