Emily exposes Eddie’s scam in the village shop. She discovers that he has been secretly been planting cockroaches and dead mice in the food deliveries and been refusing to pay the suppliers. But his intentions aren’t completely devious, as all the money he had been pocketing was to pay the Hopes back the money he owed from Donna’s birthday fund. However, Emily does not take his criminal behaviour lightly and for once in her life stands up to con man Eddie, giving him a piece of her mind. Eddie is shocked when usually meek Emily gets physical and he finds himself in a heap on the floor. The shop assistant tells Eddie that he must come clean to Viv the following day. Daz is keen to make a good impression on Debbie, and invites her up to the farm, hoping she will reciprocate his teenage crush. He is delighted when Debbie accepts and the youngster goes routing through Andy’s clothes in order to dress to impress! Little does he know Debbie is also making an extra special effort with her appearance and turns up dressed to the nines. But it soon becomes apparent that her affections lie with Andy, who is horrified by the thought. Daz is also miffed that his big brother has moved in on his girlfriend. Nicola shows her true colours when she turns up at The Woolpack for her date. She is rude to fishmonger Simon not realising he's actually her date. Happy go lucky Simon takes great amusement in Nicola's tantrum and offers to buy her a drink. Simon manages to wind his date up so much that she storms out of The Woolpack.


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