When Viv asks him to cash up, Eddie sees a golden opportunity to rid himself of his financial problems once and for all by pocketing the cash and claiming it was stolen. Once the coast is clear at the post office, Eddie puts his plan into action. But his efforts to stage a robbery fail miserably when Bob catches him red handed with a pair of tights over his head. Eddie confesses that he has been stealing from them for weeks but insists he would have paid it all back in time. Having put his big brother on a pedestal for years, Bob is devastated that Eddie could be so deceitful. Elsewhere in the village, Katie struggles to deal with her growing feelings towards her fiancée's brother. Andy is none the wiser as love-rat Robert is smug that he seems to be having the desired effect on Katie. As they prepare their costumes for Jack’s medieval party Robert flirts with Katie behind Elaine and Andy's back. Emily is mortified when she realises that she set Nicola up with the wrong bloke. Relishing the prospect of a challenge, Simon takes great pleasure in winding Nicola up when he sees her again in The Woolpack. It seems that sharp-tongued Nicola has finally met her match. Terry is progressing well at the hospital but is disappointed that he’ll be missing Jack's surprise party. He tells delighted Dawn that he will be home for TJ’s first Christmas.


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