Jack's birthday festivities get underway, where Robert and Katie's passion intensifies. Having been cast out by his brother, Eddie resolves to leave the village.


Jack starts his 56th birthday with champagne and a shock – he's going to have to dress up as Henry VIII! Cunning Diane pretends it's for a promotional photo for The Woolpack. Andy, Katie and Daz drop in for presents. Daz has been infuriating, a welcome distraction for Katie, who's preoccupied with thoughts about Robert. Jack's new hat goes down well, but they are outshone by cocky Robert who rustles up a new mobile. Bob is still seething from Eddie’s betrayal. Emily, trying to be sympathetic, finds herself on the wrong end of Viv’s temper, and is fired. Only to be unfired a minute later once customers come into the café. Nicola’s listless, and even a shopping trip – aided by Rodney’s gift of a credit card with a £5K limit - can’t lift her spirits. She returns home with nothing more than a pair of boots. Jack is overjoyed when surprised by his whole family in costume, and can’t believe it when he finds out the pub has been decked out in his honour. Eddie is drowning his sorrows in the pub, and trying to be alone. But after much persuasion from Emily, Eddie confronts Bob. He's sorry that things turned out the way that they did, and that he’ll pay everything back, but he hopes his brother won’t turn away from him. But when he offers his hand, Bob – remembering how much of a disappointment his perfect brother really is – ignores him and tells Viv it's time to go. Meanwhile, Nicola meets Simon in the other bar, and despite playing darts truly appallingly, starts to really enjoy herself. Robert keeps a close eye on Katie all night, even following her outside when she needs some air, but she manages to keep control and ducks back inside as Robert makes his move. Robert is sulking, rebuffed, but realises he has a second chance when Diane asks them to light Jack's candles together. Alone together, and with a few drinks inside them, the two yield to their passions and kiss.


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