Marlon has lots of explaining to do to Tricia - he's been de-Dingled, badly crossed Cain, lost her beloved Victoria Cottage, and is paying for Charity to live at Pear Tree Cottage. Katie tells Robert that her first instincts were right - they should try and stay away from each other. Robert points out this won't be easy. She decides that Victoria's dress will have to wait until it's not Robert driving her, and that she'd rather he didn't come to the party that night. Chas's fiery temper is set off by Viv's careless comments about her Aaron. Implying he's a tearaway, and his mother is nothing to live up to, Chas grabs her over the bar, and Diane and Bob have to break them apart. Diane gives Chas a huge telling off, that she mustn't ever be aggressive to any customers again. Tricia suggests that they should both move in with Charity and descends upon the house. Despite Marlon's protestations Charity gladly lets the two of them move in. When Tricia goes upstairs for a bath, Charity asks if she knows about the baby yet. Marlon's face says it all. Ronnie passes by to visit Siobhan and is invited in for a drink. Siobhan is feeling very low, and Ronnie tries to comfort her and then, unforgivably, moves in to kiss her. Shocked, she throws him out. When Tricia offers Charity more wine, she is forced to tell Tricia about her pregnancy, but won't be drawn on who the father is. Tricia has already invited Paddy and Emily over, and in the kitchen Marlon begs Paddy to be his friend again. Eventually Tricia passes out from wine and jetlag, and Marlon tells a shocked Paddy just how deep his troubles are.


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