Ronnie admits defeat, while Gloria turns up in the village, determined to win back Eric, and Tricia has a proposition for Marlon.


As the dust settles Paul and Siobhan try to make amends and re-ignite their relationship. Paul picks up his things and a bitter Frances warns him not to go back to Siobhan. Feeling betrayed from all different angles, Paul only knows he can’t live under the same roof as his father. When Ronnie sees Siobhan in the street, and confronts her claiming she has ruined everything Paul defends his wife against his philandering father. As Paul squares up to his father, warning him to stay away from the family, Ronnie knows he has blown it so gets in his car and leaves the village. Chas is treading a thin line at The Woolpack as her preoccupation with the situation with her son continues to effect her work. After a heated row on the phone, Chas is furious when Gordon refuses to bring her son Aaron over, even though it is her access day. Cain offers to accompany Chas to collect Aaron, but when they arrive the boy clearly doesn’t want to spend time with his mum. Marlon is reaching breaking point over his living arrangements but is relieved when Charity tells him to stop worrying, as the baby is unlikely to be his. Convinced that forgetting all about babies will solve his problems Marlon is shocked when Tricia announces that she wants to start a family. Elsewhere, Gloria turns up at the factory declaring that she’ll do anything to have Eric back. Despite her claims, Eric is not buying into it, particularly as his wife has been hitting the bottle.


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