It's the morning of the hearing and Charity prepares herself for the worst but is grateful for Marlon's show of support. Zoe is left fuming when Charity pleads a defiant not guilty leaving the judge to call for a date for the murder trial. As the court is adjourned, there are huge tensions between Charity and Zoe as they make their way outside. After a comment from Zoe about 'Chris winning', Charity is positive that Zoe knows the truth but wants to see her sent down. Determined to have this confirmed, Charity heads over to Home Farm in a desperate attempt to get Zoe to confess. Zoe hints further that she knows the truth about her brother's death, however leaves her sister-in-law out in the cold as she slams the door on her and knocks back a brandy. Elsewhere, Gloria is determined not to give up on her marriage without a fight but is furious when she visits Eric at the factory, only to find him in the company of Steph. When Eric goes home early with a headache he is stunned to find Gloria, complete with suitcases, at their home. Unforgiving Eric storms off to The Woolpack to drown his sorrows, and with eager companion Steph, proceeds to get completely sloshed. Gloria presumes the worst when her drunk husband arrives back home in the arms of manipulative Steph. Meanwhile, Marlon is still taking his bedroom problems very seriously. Desperate to take the pressure off, he lies to Tricia that he has seen a doctor and been advised to take it easy in the bedroom department.


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