Having burnt her bridges, Gloria makes plans to leave the village, but it might not as straightforward as one might think. Meanwhile, Paddy issues a stark warning to Nicola, and Diane takes Frances under her wing.


Gloria is glum as she contemplates spending Christmas alone as Eric is refusing to budge and has made it clear their relationship is well and truly over despite her pleads for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Eric momentarily has second thoughts about his estranged wife and her suggestions to start again, but he can’t bring himself to forgive her affair with Hillary, which was the final nail in the coffin for Eric as he tells her he wants a divorce. Gloria later drowns her sorrows and attempts to write Eric a letter, but can’t find the words. Drunk she tears through the village in his car, nearly running him over in the process. Little does Eric know that he may never see his intoxicated wife again. The police later find the car abandoned on a grass verge and Gloria is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Paddy is at the end of his tether with Nicola as she continues to be negligent at work. He issues a final warning, telling her to pull her socks up or get the boot! Nicola is left contemplating whether she is ready to fully commit to the cleaning business. Elsewhere the film crew arrive at the B&B ready to shoot the documentary about the plane crash however getting any of the villagers to discuss their experiences proves difficult. Things are looking up for disconsolate Frances as Diane takes her under her wing and invites her on a girls’ night out.


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