Eric receives a shock visit from the police, Frances has an admirer but doesn't let on who it is, and Nicola finds herself going from one problem to another.


Eric doesn’t realise the seriousness of the situation, when the police ring saying they have found his abandoned car, until the police turn up to question him in connection with Gloria’s disappearance. It turns out that the police are treating the incident with great suspicion. They question her state of mind when she took off and Eric is forced to admit that they had discussed divorce and his wife was prone to depression. They later take Eric to the scene of the investigation, where forensic police and sniffer dogs are working to find any clues. The police are unable to rule out the possibility that the MP has been kidnapped. Frances and Diane paint the town red, and return home early in the morning, much to the horror of disapproving Ali who thinks his mum is too old to party. Later in the day an elaborate bouquet of flowers arrive for Frances, obviously from an apologetic Ronnie. Elsewhere in the village, Andy is lumbered with delinquent Daz on a more permanent basis when his mother washes her hands of him, telling Andy he will have to sort out his schooling. When property developer Bevan meets with Syd to discuss a potential business opportunity, Chloe turns up dressed to impress, announcing that she's Syd's personal assistant. It's the final straw for Paddy when Nicola doesn’t show for work again. Meanwhile, a frantic Nicola misses an important meeting with a potential new client for her cleaning business. When Paddy bumps into Frances in the village shop he offers her the position as secretary at the Vet's Surgery and promptly sacks Nicola. The film crew still struggle to get any genuine interviewees for their documentary on the plane crash.


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