Andy is nearing the end of his tether with Daz, Frances' first day at the vet's is one disaster after another, and there appears to be a development from Gloria's disappearance.


Delinquent Daz comes across Rodney and Danny outside the antique barn unloading cases of wine. To entertain himself, when no one is looking, he manages to pinch a case and scurries off. With Daz being suspiciously quiet for a few hours, Robert and Danny realise he must be up to no good, they later find him smashing full bottles of red wine against the wall of the pub. Later, Rodney goes spare as he estimates Daz has smashed £500 worth of wine against the wall. Andy loses his rag and tells him he is going to have to go back to his mother's. As the police continue to investigate Gloria’s disappearance, Eric grows increasingly concerned about his wife's whereabouts. He fears the worst when the police ask him to take a look at some CCTV footage believing they may have tracked her final movements. At the police station, Eric waits with bated breath however it's not Gloria on the tapes. Later, the police announce that they have called off the man hunt as 48 hours have passed since Gloria's disappearance. Frances’s first day at the Vet's Surgery turns out to be a catalogue of disasters as her one chance to prove herself to Paddy ends in tears. Frances makes one mistake too many and decides to abandon her new job on the first day. To add to the hysteria, bitter Nicola is determined to get revenge on Paddy for sacking her. She tells pet owners there has been an outbreak of rabies and they should steer well clear of the surgery!


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