Frances is given the third degree by her kids, Eric is frantic with worry and Daz goes for a cheeky joyride in Jack's Land Rover.


The Marsden kids think Frances has met a new man when she doesn’t return home after a night out. They give her the Spanish inquisition on her return about where she's been. However they are left bitterly disappointed when guilty Frances admits she had spent the night with estranged husband Ronnie. Ali and Elaine are devastated that their mother has weakened towards their philandering father when Frances confesses she can’t live without him. To further the blow she adds that she wants them all to move to Hull with Ronnie and start afresh. Disconsolate Eric is at the end of his tether as he worries for Gloria’s well being. Meanwhile, the police abandon their search for the missing MP due to lack of evidence. Eric can’t understand why their investigations have reached a mysterious dead-end and decides to head down to London to begin his own search. Although Steph tries to feign sympathy it is clear she is jealous that Eric cares and asks if she can tag along with him. Daz continues to cause mayhem within the village as he hijacks Jack’s Land Rover. Convinced it's been stolen, Jack calls the police to report the crime. Red-faced Andy is forced to explain that Daz has been up to his old tricks again but manages to get the young tearaway out of trouble with the authorities by pretending that he borrowed the Land Rover.


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