Andy and Daz receive a visit from the social worker, Tricia is determined to spice up her love life, the Marsdens leave for pastures new and Ashley embarrasses himself in front of the Bishop.


Social workers arrive at the farm to assess Daz’s situation. They tell Andy that he has got to sort out a school for his half brother and that they will be in touch with his court date. Although Andy is frustrated by the responsibility he has unwillingly gained he feels sorry for Daz's unfortunate upbringing so takes his brother under his wing. Jack thinks that Andy is doing the right thing, but how will Katie feel about sharing a home with the troublesome boy? Desperate to improve her sex life, Tricia resorts to asking Betty and Len for advice on how to spice things up. Later she realises things are getting out of hand when she merely brushes past Marlon in the kitchen and he tells her to control herself! Elsewhere in the village, Frances packs away the families belongings as they prepare to move to Hull. Sadly Elaine can’t accept that they’re going to live with Ronnie and makes a decision of her own. Paul is deeply troubled by the revelations about his parent's marriage and phones his dad to warn him not to upset Frances again. Laurel is delighted to help Ashley with Christmas preparations in the church. Betty’s concerns about Laurel becoming obsessed with the vicar fall on deaf ears as she joins him for some drinks. Tequila is obviously not the vicar's usual choice of tipple, but determined not to be a spoilsport, Ashley sinks a few shots with Laurel. However several rounds later, Ashley has an unsuspected visit from the bishop and his curate, who are appalled to find him inebriated at the bar!


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