Tricia drowns her sorrows, which leads to Marlon realising he is going to have to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, new curate Ethan makes himself at home.


Unlucky in love, Laurel resigns herself to a life of singledom as she comes to terms with her feelings for Ashley. Betty does her best to distract Laurel but to no avail. Meanwhile, Ashley wakes with a horrendous hangover after downing tequila in the pub with Laurel. To make matters worse, he remembers how he was caught in the act by the bishop and curate. The vicar flounders as he tries to convince them he doesn’t have a drink problem, but it is clear the Bishop is far from impressed. He informs Ashley that Ethan, the curate, will be staying with him for a while, which leaves Chas unexpectedly out on the street. As Ethan settles into his new bedroom at the vicarage, he is bemused to find Chas's red lacy bra tucked away and looks to Ashley for an explanation! Elsewhere in the village, Scott makes himself very unpopular with the Dingles when he refuses to give Sam a Christmas bonus. To worsen the blow, Scott makes a derogatory comment about Charity and finds himself pinned up against a wall by his throat as Cain demands an apology! At The Woolpack, stressed out Tricia hits the bottle at work. Diane is dismayed as she asks Marlon to take the tipsy barmaid home. Drunk and emotional, Tricia bursts into tears, asking Marlon what she's done wrong. Marlon is dumbfounded as he later admits to Paddy that he is going to have to come clean to his wife.


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