Marlon confesses all to Tricia and the Dingles hatch a daring plan.


Marlon tries to find the words to tell Tricia about his affair with Charity but fails miserably and instead tells her that he wants them to have an extra special Christmas together. She is touched by his words and happy that they are united as a couple, leaving Marlon worried. Meanwhile, Charity lays it on thick with Tricia by telling her she has no family to spend Christmas with apart from Debbie. Tricia can’t help but feel sorry for pregnant Charity and invites her to spend it with them. This is the final straw for Marlon and he sees no option but to come clean. But nothing can prepare him for Tricia's devastation as the truth unfolds and she realises Marlon could be the father of Charity's unborn child. Tricia's heart is broken by her husband's betrayal. The fact that Charity has been living under the same roof as the couple adds insult to injury to devastated Tricia. Having come to terms with Ashley’s unavailability, Laurel informs the vicar she can no longer be of service to him at the church, leaving him perplexed by her hasty decision. Strapped for cash, the Dingles realise that they will be scraping the barrel this Christmas and, with Scott playing Scrooge, it looks as though the winter is going to be bleak. True to form Charity has a brainwave that may get them out of strife. With Zoe overseas, the Dingles set about hatching a plan to rob the safe at Tate Haulage when Charity reveals she has still got the spare key!


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