The Dingles put their daring plan into action, and Len is disappointed when he finds out that Pearl has other plans for Christmas.


Pre-robbery nerves reach fever pitch at the Dingles, as they prepare to steal money from the Tates. Mucking in, Chas is a decoy scantily clad in just underwear and a fur coat. However the military operation doesn't quite go to plan when the money proves harder to get hold of than they originally thought. Unable to break the lock but determined not to be out done, they make a run with the entire safe! Lisa can't believe her eyes as they drag the safe into the Dingle home until they can work out a way to get to the cash inside. Lost souls Marlon and Tricia are inconsolable as they spend time apart. Desperate to see his wife and talk her round, Marlon goes to The Woolpack. But Diane sends him away insisting that Tricia doesn't want to know. Refusing to give up the fight and with Christmas rapidly approaching, Marlon vows to win back Tricia by creating a festive experience she will never forget. Despite his efforts to make things perfect, crushed Tricia tells him that she doesn't think she can spend Christmas Day with him under the circumstances. Len is disappointed when he discovers that partner Pearl has plans for Christmas which do not involve him. Having set his mind on cooking Pearl a five-course meal extravaganza, Len is amazed to hear that Pearl's tradition of spending Christmas with her son will not be changed. Chas prepares for her son, Aaron, to come and stay for the festive season but Louise isn't impressed at the prospect of yet another guest at The Woolpack.


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