Tricia rejects Marlon, even after he surprises her with Holdgate Farm and a dalmation puppy. Meanwhile, Viv leaves a threatening message for Zoe, which gets Scott fired.


Viv leaves an angry answerphone message threatening Zoe if Jean isn't straight back with Scott after the Florida trip. Zoe is unimpressed, and plays it to Scott before firing him. She coldly announces that he's forfeited access to Jean by his long silence. Zoe is also due for some serious hounding from Charity, whose lawyer has pointed out how few witnesses she has on her side. Meanwhile, Marlon has virtually stripped Charity's house bare, wanting to make Holdgate as perfect as can be for Tricia. With the help of Paddy, he is laying out the place absolutely beautifully, but they are disturbed when Nicola calls for Paddy - she needs help with an abandoned puppy at the vet's. Marlon has a flash of inspiration, and thinks he has found the very thing he needs. He just needs to make a quick call to Diane first. Tricia is just getting to her break in the pub when a lost dalmatian puppy walks through the door, with a label around its neck saying 'please return to Holdgate Farm'. Diane asks Tricia to take it up to the new tenants and she walks through the rain to the Marsdens, getting absolutely drenched. But when Marlon opens the door and welcomes her to their new home, she dismisses his grand romantic gesture as 'a trick'. Marlon tries to persuade her that he's laid out the house how she would want, and all they have to do now is live in it. But Tricia steels herself, handing over her letter and the puppy. Marlon can't even get her to take a look inside. She says that all they had is gone - even though she still loves him - and walks away into the night. Marlon opens the letter and when the rings fall out he realises it's over.


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