The day of Tricia's departure arrives, and she finds herself being asked to stay by Alan and Diane. Despite the raging storm, she is insistent on leaving. Meanwhile, Ashley and Louise find themselves in mortal danger when they return from a night out.


Marlon has fallen asleep and is awoken by Daisy banging around. Louise meets Edna in the shop. Katie tries to help Donna pick out a dress for her birthday party. Daz helps Andy get the animals in the barn. Charity is sympathetic towards Marlon when he tells her that Tricia has left him. Jack arrives to help Andy and Daz with the animals. Tricia's bedroom is leaking. Diane points out The Woolpack roof has never been the same since she blew it up with fireworks. She tries to convince Tricia not to leave, but Tricia is adamant. Bob, Viv and Scott set up for Donna's party. The customers are shocked when Chas reveals Tricia is leaving - Jarvis points out that she'd never get a taxi whilst the storm continues. Ashley offers a hand to Steph, she rejects him. Ashley gets uncomfortable when Emily and Ethan ask where he's going. Marlon writes his letter to Tricia but scrunches it up. He gets a new idea but as he's writing, the power goes out, but as he asks for it to come back on, it does. Alan asks Tricia not to go. The startled cows begin running around the barn at Butlers Farm. Zak brightens Charity's spirits. Marlon watches Tricia leave the B&B, however a power pole explodes and falls behind him. Ashley and Louise are forced to take a different route to the village after the fallen power pole blocks the road. Sam and Lisa steal food from Donna's party. The startled cows stampede and smash through the gate, escaping the barn. The power goes out in The Woolpack. Ashley swerves to avoid a tree in the road and crashes the car through the fence and off the bridge. The car bounces from side to side on the grass and over rocks, and splashes into the river.


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Donna Windsor: "God, your dad is quite fit for his age, ain't he!"
Victoria Sugden: "You're so sad."

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