The cleanup operation gets underway, but the aftermath worsens at the hospital when Tricia flatlines and is declared brain dead - but Marlon refuses to accept she has gone.


It's the morning after the terrible storm and a lot of sore limbs and sore heads are patching the village back together, clearing rubble from the collapse of the Woolpack. Donna's bemoaning her birthday - the car is trashed, her head hurts, and just as she can buy a drink in the pub - it falls down. But it's not bad news for everyone - Zoe needs Scott back so badly that she even agrees to talk about access to Jean. Unconscious Ashley's leg has been saved and Laurel has been keeping watch on him, talking to him about how much she thinks of him. Eventually he comes round and immediately thanks an excited Laurel for standing by him like a guardian angel. But while she gets him some water, Louise is brought in to see him. Laurel sneaks away - as she says to Nicola, she knows she's never going to get Ashley, but she can't help loving him. Marlon hasn't left Tricia's side since she came out of theatre. Alan tries to get him to get some rest, but Marlon daren't be without her. He's also partly in denial and Alan later has to break up a territorial argument between him and Steph. Calm is restored when suddenly Tricia's ECG flatlines. Everyone is rushed out while the doctors try to resuscitate her. After half an hour, Marlon is hysterical with worry, but the nurses won't tell him anything because Tricia's still being treated. They can't even reassure him that she's going to be okay. The nurse later comes back to tell them all that Tricia's not regained consciousness, but has gone for a brain scan. The surgeon then tells Marlon that the heart failure had starved her brain of oxygen. Tricia is in a coma, but has no brain activity. His wife is, effectively, now dead.


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Memorable dialogue

Ethan Blake: "Lord, we thank you for the strength of this community, working so hard together. And we ask you at this time to bring your strength to those injured in the storm, and to their loved ones. To bring them comfort in their pain and distress, to fortify them, ready to face whatever trials may follow. Amen."
Villagers: "Amen."
Jack Sugden: "Here's to Tricia."
Villagers: "To Tricia."

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