Marlon is distraught following Tricia’s death, just wanting to be left alone. The Dingles pull together to support their grieving family member, but worry about how Marlon is dealing with his loss. When Alan delivers news from the hospital that the heart transplant operation was successful the notion that Tricia's death saved another life sends Marlon's emotions into overdrive as he breaks down in tears in Lisa’s arms. Charity visits Terry and desperately asks him if he can remember anything Chris did that might help her case. Despite her pleas Terry remains loyal to Chris and asks Charity to leave. Later Bob tries to keep grouchy Terry entertained but he's not an easy patient. As Terry mulls over Charity's words he realises that Chris had it in him to frame Charity for his murder. At Home Farm, Zoe is relieved to have Jean safely back in her care having made excuses to the police to get Scott off the hook for kidnapping their daughter. Having realised how much Scott genuinely cares for Jean, Zoe allows him to take her out for the day with an elated Viv. Scott is delighted that he can finally spend time with his daughter, despite realising Zoe has got him over a barrel where Jean is concerned, but he is prepared to do what it takes to keep her on-side.


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