Keen to get his life back on track, Terry arranges a meeting with Zoe to discuss when he can start back at work and is disappointed when the visit ends in frustration. He can’t help but feel put out when he arrives to see Scott has taken over many of his daily duties. Zoe tells Terry that he should take more time off work to recover from his illness. Fearing redundancy, the implications of his stroke hit home as Terry wonders whether Zoe will want him back after all. Bob is furious with the way that Zoe has treated his friend so confronts her, telling Zoe how Terry has remained loyal to Chris, even now that he's dead. When Zoe realises that Charity has been talking to Terry she quickly quashes his concerns by promising to keep his job open. Terry starts to have doubts about the murder charges as he realises that Zoe's motives are far from charitable. He wonders Zoe is just trying to keep him sweet so he does not come forward with evidence to support Charity's case. Scheming Chloe comes up with a plan to capitalise on everyone's misfortune after the storm, as she encourages Syd to take advantage of his profession and rip the locals off for much needed reconstruction work. But Chloe ends up less than amused when she finds out that Syd has offered to work on the villagers house's without payment, while they wait for insurance money to come through. Charity talks to Cain about her pregnancy and he realises she has every intention of using the baby to help keep her out of jail, even if it means lying about who the father is. Despite Charity's callous intentions Cain is reassured that she does genuinely care for him. Marlon is disconsolate and raises concern at the Dingles as he refuses to eat. Zak manages to get Marlon enthusiastic about giving Tricia the send off that she deserves.


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