Terry has been kept awake all night with thoughts of Chris. He becomes more and more convinced that there may be some truth in Charity’s plea that Chris set her up. His discussions with Rachel the lawyer leave him none the wiser, but he decides to clear his conscience by talking to the police. Terry contemplates what he is going to say to the police when there is a knock at the door. He is shocked to find a fuming Zoe on his doorstep, having found out Terry has spoken to Rachel. Terry awkwardly admits his fears that Charity may be telling the truth. However, Zoe nervously insists that Terry is not well enough to deal with their family problems and it might lead to another stroke. She heavily implies that if he doesn’t get better he won’t be coming back to work. Terry is forced to back down when the police call back, telling them that he has made a mistake and apologising for wasting their time. Charity, Cain and Debbie play happy families, but the strain of the upcoming trial is showing on Charity. Meanwhile, Daz has a hairy moment trying to impress Debbie when she bets him to climb a stack of hay bails and he can’t get back down! Chloe sets the cat amongst the pigeon by confronting Edna about not paying Syd for the renovation work on her house following the storms. Insulted Edna angrily hands over all her savings to a confused Syd. Marlon is relieved when Ashley agrees to hold Tricia’s funeral service instead of Ethan.


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