Zoe is careful to ensure that key people in Charity’s trial are kept firmly on her side. Terry feels awkward when Zoe gives him an old watch of Chris’s as a gift. Forced to accept the watch, Terry can’t help but think that his boss has another motive. Zoe then asks Scott if he’d like to join her for dinner, proposing that he move into the flat at Home Farm, adding that it will mean he sees more of Jean. She later plies him with alcohol and asks for a favour, telling him she needs to go through his testimony. Charity appears to have given up all hope of convincing the court she is innocent of murder. Her solicitor insists they must remain positive and attempts to give her some court training. Cain does his best to lift her spirits but Charity can’t see where the future will take her except behind bars. Cain and Debbie are both keen to persuade her to do a runner with them, however Charity bluntly turns them down saying that she doesn’t want to be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Cain vows that if she does go down for life he will seek revenge on the Tate family. Elsewhere in the village, Debbie dares Daz to steal Scott's car in a bid to seek revenge for him working for Zoe. Scott is furious when he finds it abandoned in the stream but although Daz is caught at the scene of the crime, Jarvis gets him off the hook by saying Daz was working in his garden all day.


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