Charity is desperate to rectify the damage caused by Cain the previous day at Home Farm but her pleas fall on deaf ears when Zoe blatantly refuses to listen to her sister-in-law. Instead Charity collars Scott and questions him about Zoe's suspicious behaviour. Charity tells Scott the only reason Zoe hasn’t gone to the police is because she doesn’t want them to find out she is lying through her teeth, asserting that Chris killed himself. Scott flounders as she reminds him Chris framed him for rape. Confused and uneasy about Charity's words, Scott asks Zoe if there is any truth in what she has said, begging her to tell the truth if there is something she is hiding. He reminds her he was nearly jailed for something he didn’t do and needs to know the truth about Charity, sympathising with her situation if she is telling the truth. Zoe later admits that, guilty or innocent, she wants Charity sent to prison for destroying Chris's life. Scott is shocked as he realises deep down she thinks Charity is telling the truth. Zoe leaves Scott with an ultimatum to decide between his new family and helping Charity. Jarvis catches Daz and Debbie practising graffiti on the Tate refuse van, in a bid to seek revenge on Zoe. Katie manages to persuade Jarvis to keep quiet about the identity of the culprit but warns Daz that one more false move and he's out on his ear. After a minor accident at Laurel’s place, Nicola has to go to casualty and is horrified that a visit to the dentist is required to repair the damage. Elsewhere in the village, Steph struggles to come to terms with Tricia’s absence. She feels excluded and ends up distancing herself from Marlon and Diane’s plans for Tricia's funeral.


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