Charity tries to console Debbie about worries over the trial but is up front with her daughter, warning her that there is a high chance she will be found guilty of murder. Debbie refuses to accept her mother's sober words and they share a heartfelt moment as Debbie tells Charity that she loves her. Bernice’s due to return Gabby to Ashley, having spent the Christmas holidays looking after their daughter but her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere leaving Ashley concerned about their whereabouts. When Bernice and Gabby finally arrive at the vicarage, Ashley is thrilled to see them but saddened that it is under such unhappy circumstances. Meanwhile, Steph takes her anger out on Diane, blaming the pub landlady for what happened to Tricia. An argument breaks out and Diane reminds Steph that she was no saint when she tried to come on to Marlon at his stag do. Later, after some further harsh words from Alan, Steph's vulnerability and devastation finally come out and she breaks down in tears. Elsewhere in the village, Louise is upset when she secretly books a holiday for her and Ashley but he refuses to go, claiming that too many people need him in the village and he can’t possibly leave.


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