Marlon is manic ensuring Tricia's send-off to be perfect, from her favourite quiche to the choir singing Take That. Steph, however, can't lose herself in organising and is distraught about the funeral. When Alan finds her in the cafe she announces she won't even go to the service. The whole village gathers in the street to watch the procession to the church where Diane pays tribute to Tricia, saying she was like a daughter. She spots Steph sneaking in at the back and calls her up to pay a tearful tribute to her daughter. Meanwhile, Bob manages to distract Terry from the trial and funeral when Dawn returns. She can't believe he's moving around and has made soup. Later at the wake, Zak has enough of Charity and Cain's bickering and takes them outside to calm down, particularly when Charity had promised to make up with Cain in order to get Debbie to come. Lisa makes them apologise for upsetting Debbie and the three go off home to get ready for the trial. Back inside, Eric asks Steph to come back to work when she's ready, and she and Alan admit they just don't know how to cope without Tricia. A frazzled Marlon is rescued when Bernice creates a diversion and he slips away to spend some time alone. Back at the house, Charity manages to calm Debbie down before she breaks down in tears. Cain had hoped for slightly more from the reconciliation, but comforts her as best he can. Charity can only see how the trial can go badly, when even Cain is testifying against her. She's worried Debbie won't even know her when she gets out - Chris has got his way and is going to make her suffer. Cain tries to fire up her cocky Dingle spirit, but she is convinced everything is out of her hands.


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