Daz can't understand why Andy is standing by Katie rather than believing him. Katie's proving ably manipulative, but still feels she's ruining Daz's life just for the sake of her and Robert. Robert however, has no such qualms; he tells Daz nobody will ever care what he thinks, or about him. Jack tells a troubled Andy he should be proud of what he's done with Daz, even though Andy has decided to send Daz away. He hopes Daz will understand it's for the best. When Daz gets hom to find the social worker, he quickly works out what's happening - despite telling the truth, he's being punished. He won't accept that Andy can't handle the responsibility, that he's glad he met him, or even a hug goodbye. At The Woolpack, Chas thinks Bernice is pushing volunteer cleaner Laurel around, and encourages her into walking out when 'the great motivator' rubbishes her over the state of the toilets. When Bernice goes to her house to apologise and offer to pay her - neither with great conviction - she realises just how much Laurel's life centres around Ashley. With her usual tact, Bernice tells her she's just not suitable for him, and even suggests Sam as an alternative. Things are awkward between Jack and Diane. Giving her a watch she left behind, he resignedly tells her he's there, should she decide to chat. Diane can see how upset Jack is, but tells Bernice she can't deal with it. Bernice uses the moment to finally persuade her mother to join her in Brighton. When Diane tells Jack about her move, he tells her it won't work. While she keeps taking things on as problems, she'll always have problems to run away from. He wishes she'd just stay and marry him. When Diane asks if that was a proposal, he agrees. Without thinking of her temperament, he gives her just 24 hours to decide.


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