Jack and Diane both feel odd after last night's marriage proposal. Andy isn't interested in talking about it, so Jack has to reluctantly turn to, of all people, Diane's ex-husband Rodney. Rodney confirms that Diane loves Jack, but says the ultimatum may have been a bad move. Marlon also reminds Diane that life's too short for mucking about when the two drink a graveside toast to Tricia prior to The Woolpack reopening. At the celebrations, Bernice realises just how much her mum loves Jack, and tells her a move to Brighton may be hasty. Andy is upset when he finds departed Daz's fishing rod, but Katie makes things worse by insisting that Daz can't come and visit, so won't be picking it up. She is secretly very upset by what she and Robert have done to Daz, but Robert is utterly remorseless. They meet at the garage later and Katie tries to end the relationship, but Robert talks her into staying. He smugly sees it as fun before she settles down - and that she likes him because he's a bad boy. Later, Andy gets very prickly when Ethan comes round with a new way of settling the Daz situation. Ethan is surprised that Daz has gone into care, but Andy has had enough of people sticking their noses in. Back at The Woolpack, the celebrations get very merry, with Laurel standing up to Bernice and Chas flirting with Syd in front of Chloe. Diane, aided by a few glasses of brandy, slips out to see Jack. He fears the worst when she arrives at his door after the deadline, and is irritated by her long speech about how she has reached her conclusion. He tells her to get on with it and get out, only to be told that actually she'll stay. She will be his wife.


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