Diane and Jack both wake up very happy, though the 5:30am start isn't popular. Marlon and Louise are equally joyous on hearing the news, and break out the champagne for breakfast. Diane wants a low-key wedding, but Marlon gets slightly drunk and when Jack comes in at lunchtime he stops the whole pub to announce the engagement and to propose a toast to love. Katie's had enough of the garage as a romantic venue, and she tells Andy she's going to the library so she can see Robert at his instead. They are snogging furiously when a knock on the door disturbs them - it's Paul with a registered letter, who works out Robert's got a woman inside. He's cocky, but Katie is so spooked that she decides they need another venue or else. Later she completely forgets the lie about the library. Meanwhile, one relationship is saved while another looks on the rocks. Siobhan and Paul finally manage to get back on the rails, whereas Chloe is increasingly worried about the flirting between Chas and Syd - particularly when she finds that he started it. Bernice is really pleased for her mother, but doesn't want to leave Gabby behind at the end of the day. She tells Rodney that she had been glad to leave Gabby, that she'd been part of the problem. But now she wants her back, and she should be with her mother. Rodney can't reassure her about this, and sends her to talk to Ashley immediately. Bernice hints about Gabby coming to Brighton, a good environment and a now a stable home with Charlie. Unfortunately Ashley thinks she's talking about visits, and Bernice has nowhere to manouvre. Later she tells Rodney she just couldn't break Ashley and Gabby up, and that night she drives away alone.


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