Louise isn't happy that Val's staying for a few weeks, but Val is livid when told she'll be paying her way in The Woolpack kitchen. Marlon's not looking forward to it either. She infuriates him by acting dumb so he has to do it all, and then is dismissive about Tricia's death. She won't even do the dishes and is hanging out behind the bar when ex Eugene reappears. She luckily has Diane to stand up for her, and Eugene is sent on his way without the money Val owes him, but saying he won't forget her. Andy's stag-week dares are getting more extreme. He has to steal Viv's leopardskin knickers from the washing line, and Danny brings him back from Hotten with a 'Katie Forever' tattoo. He go-karts through the village wearing only Viv's stolen underwear and is abandoned to retrieve his clothes from inside The Woolpack. He obviously has no way to hide the new tattoo and when Chas tells of an ill-advised one saying 'Ralph' it all gets too much for Katie. Chas finds her crying in the toilets, and Katie confides that her fling may have become more than that. She loves them both, but is marrying the one who no longer gives her butterflies. Nicola is furious Simon's having a darts night with Paddy rather than spending time with her, and strops over to Laurel's to insist they go out too. Simon winds her up further by asking Laurel to play darts with him, and Nicola storms from the pub. He follows her home and says they should talk over a coffee. Nicola gets cross and tells him he'll leave again for his early starts, but he instead asks if she has an alarm clock. She leaps on him and drags him joyfully to her bedroom before he can even sip his coffee.


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