Katie gets home to find Andy at home and making tea for her. She's unsettled, both by his unexpected presence and her situation, but manages to pass it off as wedding nerves. The two decide to have a quiet night of quality time together, but Katie - inspired by her chat with Chas - heads off to tell Robert it's over first. They kiss before long, but when Andy rings on her mobile Katie regains her mettle. Robert's already been told by Jack he can't have his trust money early to buy into Scott's garage, so his day's not going well. Katie drills into Robert that it's over. When Robert bursts into tears, she says he must have known this day would come. By the time Andy arrives to pick her up Robert has to hide, taking his frustration out by destroying the bonnet of Charity's sportscar. Zoe's feud with the Dingles is still running - so much for peace when Charity is put away. She gets Scott to lean on Marlon for the rent, and a dirty look at Debbie leaves her surrounded by the whole angry clan. An attempt at firing Sam backfires, so she's after revenge. Scott is told to evict Marlon, and he comes up with a plan for dealing with the rest of the Dingle family. Diane is furious that Val is reading the paper rather than doing any work in the kitchen, and thinks she's already wrapped Marlon round her little finger. Rodney fails in his attempts to escape speaking to Val, and the two catch up on old times, skirting round something in their past. Tempers boil over when Val drops all the cutlery and leaves Bob to pick it up. Diane has had enough of everyone coming down on Val's side and announces to the pub that they've all been conned by her sister's bruises. Demeaned Val's nose job is now public knowledge.


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