Andy is bracing himself for a humiliating stag night at the hands of his brother, not knowing Robert is livid about being dumped by Katie to stop herself falling further in love. Robert's misery is compounded when he hears that Jack has spent nearly four grand on Andy's wedding, and the 17 year old hits the scotch. He's stroppy and slaughtered by the time the others join him in The Woolpack and he takes pleasure in daring Andy to pull Chas. While the pair don't follow through, Chas declared Andy victorious and Bob dares him to passionately kiss the next woman who walks in - bad news for Viv. Andy bravely accomplishes his mission, but Robert uses this Windsor liaison as an excuse to lay it on about Katie's flirting with rich Scott. Andy gives him a bleeding nose before the boys are thrown out, and outside Robert announces he'll no longer be best man. Andy decides to head home to a furious Katie, concealing her relief that the fight wasn't about anything worse. Eric's staff are wondering how he's coping on both a business and personal level when Paul delivers an unmarked VHS. Everyone gathers round to watch and they are shocked to see Gloria, alive, in a tropical setting, and with a cold smug look on her face. Eric's joy is short-lived when she announces she has waited until now to clean out all his personal and business accounts - and the banks have no way to undo it. Scott has a busy day - Zoe visits to check a shipment of whisky will be secure, and he has new driver Carl to show the ropes. However, it's not till the evening he really starts work, leaving the lorry of scotch deliberately unlocked and planting two cases on the Dingles.


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