Andy is worried that Robert's going to ruin the wedding whether he's best man or not. His fears look justified when Robert turns up so late that Ethan nearly cancels the rehearsal. Katie tells Robert not to do anything stupid, and he reminds her she's marrying someone she doesn't love. Andy does his best to find out what Robert's problem is, thinking it's about the cost of the wedding. Robert won't tell, but after lecturing his brother that he's getting married much too young, he agrees to be best man once more. Elsewhere, Chas is getting stressed about Aaron staying while his dad is organising a funeral in Devon. Eric has hits the bottle over his financial worries - until his money runs out - but Steph reminds him he need no longer feel guilty for Gloria's suicide; all he's lost is money. Zoe blames Scott for the break-in at the yard, but his plans look like they're working when the police suspect an inside job. The police also swallow his lie about Sam hanging around suspiciously. Scott then evicts Marlon and delivers him and his belongings at Zak's just as the police arrive with Sam in tow. Zak protests innocence about the whisky theft, but it's not long before Shadrach is found stinking drunk in a barn with the planted spirits. All three are taken away for questioning. Scott's celebrations in the pub leave a nasty taste in Jarvis and Bob's mouth but new driver Carl reserves judgement. However, when Jarvis goes round to console the Dingles they realise Scott knew where the drink would be found - he must have planted it. Jarvis resigns rather than work for him, which plays right into Scott's hands - with his new drivers he no longer needs any of them, and there's nothing they can do about it.


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