Sam's worried: he can't face jail again. Debbie says that like Charity, he'll go down for something he didn't do. Zak decides they need a cunning plan to keep Scott in line. Zoe's been so impressed with the Scott's new hard line that she gets him a company sportscar, which he can't resist boasting about in the pub. Acting impressed, Chas flirts outrageously with him outside during her break, but when he moves to kiss her she insists they go somewhere more private. She lures him into the sports pavilion and as he moves in the trap is sprung. Scott can't risk a third rape allegation or the police will get suspicious, so Zak says it'll go no further if the charges against Sam are dropped. Scott says they're police charges so he can't affect them, but Zak knocks him about as a warning and says he'll have to try harder. Shelley has persuaded a reluctant Alan to get some exercise, but after getting some trunks that fit he ends up nearly swallowing the pool. The Woolpack regulars joke about his life insurance, but Marlon isn't happy when he finds he'd be the chief beneficiary. He tells Alan that he appreciates the gesture but needs to get on with his life without Tricia's shadow. Shelley persuades Alan that his improved relationship with Steph means he should really change his will to benefit her. He goes to see Steph and they agree it's time for a fresh start - and she is overjoyed to hear about the will. Eric tries to remortgage his house to get the cash to start the factory running again, but discovers he can't without Gloria's signature. His lifeline comes when Steph tells him she may have the twenty thousand pounds needed and is prepared to invest. She says that running is more her style, and with a workforce stupid enough to work for nothing she'll get her money back. Her challenge is whether he's man enough to go into business with her.


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