Laurel makes a momentous decision, but it could mean the end of her friendship with Ashley. Meanwhile, Eric is growing increasingly frustrated with Steph, and Andy considering extended an olive branch to Daz.


Eric's infuriated that Steph is taking over his house. He can't get into his own bathroom and when he arrives at work late, Steph tells him off in front of the staff. She even tells him that he should be getting up earlier. Alan realises how much Steph's anger is affecting Shelly, but when he comes to speak to her she is adamant she'll only be happy if he ends the relationship. That evening, Eric finds Steph's finished his expensive malt whisky, and taken over his bathroom too. Debbie's being picked on at school because both her parents are inside, so she's looking forward to her dad coming home today. However, Zak returns empty-handed as Cain's been kept in for another month for fighting. Marlon's finding it hard planning the catering for Andy and Katie's wedding, which is being set up in the village hall. Diane suggests Andy invite Daz, and Katie's tries to stop Viv changing everything to her taste. Meanwhile, Donna's day is made when Robert starts flirting with her. Nicola and Emily start lobbying Laurel at breakfast time, but she's decided what she needs Ashley to say nothing will happen so she can move on. He's distractedly changing Gabby when Laurel turns up, glammed up to the nines at lunchtime. She loses her nerve and tells him she's come to talk about cleaning, but as she's about to leave she whispers 'I love you' and Ashley freezes. Laurel's emotions are uncorked and an optimistic torrent of romance bubbles out. Ashley doesn't know what to say, which says it all, and he hobbles after Laurel trying to explain. Chas later agrees he played it about as badly as possible, but suggests that waiting for lightning bolts landed him with Bernice and Louise. Meanwhile, Laurel announces to Nicola and Emily it's time to move on - she's going to get as far away from him as she can.


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