Debbie doesn't want to go to school and be bullied again, but Lisa persuades her she needs to make something of herself, and also asks Donna to keep an eye on her. It's just as well as Donna needs to stand up for her almost as soon as they're on the bus. Debbie is suspended for two weeks for attacking one of the bullies, and the fight breaks out again on the journey home. Debbie is thrown off the bus, and rather go home drifts into the church, putting her refunded bus fare in the collection box. Ethan spots her holding the wooden box for comfort and reacts badly, thinking she was going to steal it. She storms off but he realises his mistake and comes round later to apologise. Andy heads to Manchester to see Daz in his care home. Daz doesn't give his brother an easy time, and when Daz invites him to the wedding asks if Katie has agreed. He says he'll think about it, but pool is more important right now. Andy gets back to find that Viv has decorated the hall in lurid shiny balloons as a wedding present. When he later brings Katie to show her the horror, all Viv's knots have undone - the ghastly balloons are now out of reach in the roof! Laurel's determined to move on and after taking a mysterious phone call she pointedly tells Nicola she won't work at the vicarage, which sets Ashley looking for her. In The Woolpack, he tells Chas he's tried imagining life with Laurel but couldn't. He eventually tracks her down to explain himself, only to be told she's accepted a job as an au pair in Finland and feels a weight has been lifted off her. He tearfully tells her that people will miss her more than she can know and hopes they'll always be friends. She says that's not enough and Ashley has to walk home wondering what he's done.


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