It is Saint Valentine's Day in the village and Donna is delighted to receive a mystery Valentine's card, hand-delivered by step-dad Bob, and immediately assumes that her secret admirer must be Robert. Robert, however, has other things on his mind. Refusing to accept that his brother is marrying the woman he loves he sends a dozen red roses to Katie. Katie is not impressed and goes to see Robert and tells him she will never forgive him if he ruins her big day. He begs her not to marry Andy and she tells him that he is pathetic. In a foul mood Robert puts Donna straight, in no uncertain terms, that the Valentine's card is definitely not from him. When Donna finds out that the card was from Bob, who was just trying to cheer her up she is really upset. To cheer her up, Viv suggests a glass of wine. After a couple of drinks Viv tells Donna she should try on Katie's wedding dress to see what she’ll look like on her big day. Bob walks in on the pair just as Donna is about to give a twirl in the frock and Viv spills a glass of red wine all over the wedding dress. It looks she’ll have some explaining to do. Laurel divests herself of her worldly goods as she prepares for her new life as an au pair to a wealthy family in Finland. When she returns to The Woolpack with the money she has made from selling her things at the car boot sale and buys drinks for Edna and Pearl, Ashley is surprised to learn that Laurel is planning to leave so soon. Edna says pointedly that when some people make up their minds to do something they do it. Ashley takes the hint but he is still unable to bring himself to ask Laurel to stay in Emmerdale.


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