It's the night before Katie and Andy’s big day and instead of a night on the tiles Katie opts for a quiet night in and a cosy chat with best friend Donna. As Donna does Katie’s nails she tells her that she wishes she was in her shoes and about to marry the man she loves. Of course, things are not that simple for Katie. Donna drinks too much cider and has to go to bed early, leaving Katie alone to mull things over. She falls asleep and is woken by Robert and can’t resist the temptation of a night of passion with the brother of the man she’s about to marry! Zak and Lisa once again find themselves in dire financial straits and Zak is even finding it hard to ‘liberate’ shotgun cartridges so he can put some meat on the table. Zak and Sam take advantage of the moon being out and set off for a night's shooting. Zoe returns home to find that the two Dingles have left them a little present. Two dead rabbits are hanging from the kitchen door and Scott shows her the shotgun cartridge that the unwelcome visitors left on the kitchen table. Pearl and Len are enjoying a very cosy night in at Jacobs Fold and Pearl announces that she has moved some of her feminine accoutrements into the bathroom. Danny returns to find Pearl dressed only in a bath towel, much to her embarrassment. While Pearl is out of the way Danny assures Len he's happy that the two of them are having a good time and that he's happy for Pearl to spend time there. Pearl returns home and bumps into Edna who tells her there is a word for women of a certain age with unusual sleeping arrangements. Pearl replies that there is and the word is satisfied.


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