At Andy and Katie’s wedding reception best man Robert hits the sauce and turns nasty as he comes to terms with the fact that his brother has married the girl he loves. Robert has a go at Daz before staggering outside to throw up. He manages to pull himself together to deliver his best man’s speech and gets the speech off to a great start by smashing a champagne glass as he taps it to get people to be quiet. He manages to get through his speech without revealing his true feelings for Katie, but only just. It’s good news for Len as Pearl tells him at the wedding reception that she will marry him. Elated, the happy couple get down on the dancefloor like a pair of spring lambs. There’s not such good news for Donna though, when Robert seduces her. They sneak back to Robert’s to go to bed, only for Andy and Katie to burst in on them. Later at the end of the reception Robert tells a disappointed Donna that the party’s over. Donna’s not the only one who is upset. Catching Robert in bed with Donna leaves Katie looking tearful. Scott hits a brick wall as he tries to identify who sabotaged the Tate trucks. Convinced the Dingles are behind the mayhem, he is left frustrated when he can find no evidence to support his suspicions. Zoe then gives Scott a hard time for letting ‘those idiots’ the Dingles get the better of him. Zoe lets Scott know that if they council take away their contract it will all be his fault.


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