Scott is under pressure from Zoe to stop the Dingles disrupting business for the Tate empire, but things go from bad to worse when a Tate truck is run off the road. New driver Carl is bloody and bruised, but all he knows is that he was run off the road by a bit of a ‘rust bucket’. Scott immediately sees Zak’s hand in this, but when he arrives at the Dingles, with the police in tow, they discover the Dingle van up on blocks and Zak has a cast-iron alibi, for once. New driver Carl, however, is not all he appears to be, as he meets a shady looking character in a lay by after leaving Zoe and Scott in the pub. With all the turbulence at Home Farm, Zoe is in a fluster when she bumps into Terry in the village. He can tell she is stressed and offers to return to work, despite her suggestion that he take more time off to recover from his stroke. Dawn is less than delighted when Terry tells her he starts back at work tomorrow. Not only is she worried about his health, she was looking forward to doing a few hours work in the café as a way out getting out the house and contributing something to the family coffers. Meanwhile, Robert is disconsolate following Katie's marriage to his brother, but determined to get on with his life. He asks Jack if he can get his hands on his trust fund, with a view to making Scott an offer of partnership at the garage. When Robert tells Scott he has a tidy some at his disposal which he would like to invest in the business Scott makes light of Robert’s proposal, telling him he should travel and spend the money on ‘foreign birds and cheap tequila’.


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