Full of remorse after belting her son Aaron, Chas decides to take an impromptu day-off from The Woolpack. When she bumps into Louise in the street, the landlady is less than impressed. Bob is the first to feel Louise's wrath as she forces him to work Chas's shift. Still fuming when Aaron's dad arrives at the pub looking for Chas, Louise wastes not time in telling Gordon that Chas and Aaron have fallen out. After Gordon confronts Chas in the pub and tells her she's unfit to be a mother Chas is fuming and floors Louise with a right-hook after she discovers Louise told Gordon about her hitting Aaron. Nicola decides that Laurel has one last job to do before she leaves for Finland and insists that the vicarage needs a final clean before she goes. Ashley is delighted to see her and tries to tempt her with an offer of lunch. Laurel tries to get on with the cleaning and practicing her Finnish. As luck would have it Ashley speaks a bit of Finnish and is able to lend a hand. Things are going swimmingly until Ethan returns to the vicarage and interrupts their cozy chat. Later, in The Woolpack, Ashley receives an earful from Nicola for his failure to ask Laurel to stay. Terry is finding his recuperation hard work and has to endure a spot of rugby with nurse Siobhan in the garden. After running around the garden he is worn out. Dawn is feeling amorous and her attempt to seduce Terry is interrupted when she hears the baby crying upstairs. When she returns from settling the baby she is frustrated to find that Terry has fallen asleep on the sofa.


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