When Laurel calls round at the vicarage, to say goodbye to Ashley, it looks as if he's finally going to ask her to stay when there's an inconvenient knock at the door. Having missed his chance Ashley knows that Laurel's going away party at The Woolpack could be his last. At the karaoke party the procrastinating vicar fails to take several chances to tell Laurel how he really feels. He asks her not to go to Finland but doesn’t tell her how he feels. Realising he may have blown it, he tears back into the pub and demands that Diane phones a cab for him. Terry is finding being back at work quite a struggle, he's finding even the smallest task a real effort. Later Zoe is shocked to find him slumped over his desk asleep. When Terry wakes up, Zoe tells him that it was a mistake for him to come back to work so soon. Terry takes it badly and says that he knows when he's being ‘sacked’. He also says that he won’t take charity when Zoe mentions sick pay. Chas realises that she will have to grovel if she's to get her job at The Woolpack back and begs Bob to pave the way with Louise and remind her what a good barmaid she is. Unfortunately Louise is not in the mood to listen to Bob's ‘sob story’. Chas pleads with Diane for her job back but Diane tells her she's a liability because slapping people in the bar is bad for business. To rub salt into the wound Louise tells Chas that she is barred from the pub. Diane intervenes and tells Louise that she's going too far.


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