Ashley finally reveals his feelings for Laurel to everyone at her leaving party but when he finds her at the airport he finds it almost impossible to tell her how he feels. Over a coffee he tells her she’ll be greatly missed and that he really, really "likes" her. Disappointed, Laurel sadly thanks him but leaves for the plane. Realising he's made a mistake Ashley is desperate to follow her to Helsinki and Ethan has to drive to the airport with Ashley's passport so he can buy a ticket. Meanwhile, Laurel has realised why Ashley has turned up at the airport and decides not to leave for Helsinki. Zoe gives Terry a lift home from work and assures him that his job's safe. Terry can’t bring himself to tell Dawn that he’ll not be going back to work and makes his way to The Woolpack. After drowning his sorrows in a few pints he staggers onto the stage and belts out 'My Way'. Once he returns to the bar, Bob asks him whether he ought to be going home and tells him Dawn’s rung to ask where he is. When Terry eventually returns home Dawn is waiting for him and has bought him a new shirt for work. Terry tells her that things are different at work without Chris but he doesn't reveal that he won't be going to work tomorrow. Eric prepares to set off for his business trip to Japan. Power-mad Steph cunningly manages to get him to leave her in charge of the factory in his absence. Eric is reluctant to leave her in charge and questions her ‘inter-personal skills’, but Steph manages to convince him that this is an opportunity for her to prove herself and she assures him she’ll be able to work with Lisa.


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  • A chugger is uncredited despite a couple of lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,027,000 viewers (11th place).
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