After storming out Dawn doesn’t want to see Terry. Terry is less than happy when he goes round to Bob’s to speak to Dawn and learns that she's been out with Scott. On his way home Terry takes a tumble as he sees Dawn and Scott leaving The Woolpack. As they rush to his side, Terry feels utterly humiliated and refuses to accept their help. Terry and Dawn sit down to talk at last and Terry tells Dawn that he thinks she should be with a younger man and that he's just a burden to her. Dawn tries to convince him that things will get better for them. Laurel turns up at the vicarage with her cleaning kit and brushes off Ashley’s amorous advances, telling him that she can’t mix business with pleasure. They both tell each other how lucky they are. Ashley looks less than delighted though when Laurel tells him they are going on a double date to The Woolpack with Nicola and Simon. Seeing Laurel so happy has made Nicola begin to question her relationship with Simon and she asks her dad what he really thinks of Simon. More bad news for Tate Haulage when one of their trucks is impounded by Customs & Excise. As Scott and Carl set off to sort it out they run into Zak, and Scott immediately accuses Zak of dirty tricks and threatens to put him in hospital if he finds out that he's had anything to do with it. Carl, meanwhile, has another of his secret meetings with a mysterious stranger in a lay-by and it looks as if someone wants to put the Tates out of business.


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