When Matthew King, of King & Sons, turns up at Home Farm offering to buy the Tate Trash wagons, Zoe soon realises that this could be a chance to make some money. The Kings may have won the refuse contract but they have no trucks. What she doesn’t know is that Tom King has told Matthew to buy the trucks at any price to keep her sweet, as part of his master plan of getting his hands on Home Farm. When Scott finds out about the deal Zoe's making he's not happy, and when he finds out that Matthew and Carl are brothers he punches Carl for his betrayal. It's payday at the factory and there's a nasty surprise in store for the workforce when they open their pay packets - there's no bonus. As revenge for the things they said about her behind her back in The Woolpack, Steph tells them that they drank their bonuses when they were in the pub. When Jarvis threatens her with ‘working to rule’ Steph tells them she has a full order book and she's relaxed about who she employs to do the work. Jarvis is up for a fight but it looks like he's on his own as the others want to keep hold of their jobs. Marlon is still grieving for Tricia and needs sometime alone but he can’t get any peace at the Dingles and goes off for a long walk and only realises it's time he was at work when Ashley catches up with him. Diane has a lot of explaining to do to the hungry customers who have a choice between iffy steak and kidney pudding or apple pie for lunch. It is clear to everyone that Marlon's mind is not on his work and Diane thinks he should take some time off before she loses her food license.


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