When Robert turns up, Katie quickly makes her excuses and leaves. The very thought of him is driving her to distraction, so she's not happy when Donna wants to talk about him. She tells Donna that she’d be mad to go out with Robert because he only thinks of himself. Donna can’t understand why Katie is so down on him. Katie later hatches a plan that will hopefully keep Robert out of her way. She suggests to Andy that they take in a lodger, someone who could help with farm work so they wouldn’t have to rely on Robert. Desperate for money to buy a birthday present for Aaron, Chas asks Bob to put a word in with Viv and get her a job at the café. Bob promises to try but says it will be tough, reminding Chas of the time she pinned Viv to the bar in The Woolpack. As luck would have it, Emily is rushed off her feet in the café and Chas mucks in while Viv looks after T.J. When Viv returns she is surprised to see Chas behind the counter but concedes that she could do with the help. A good day is ruined for Chas when Gordon tells her Aaron will not be seeing her on his birthday. Terry feels more useless than ever as Dawn goes off to work at the place he used to run before he had his stroke. To make matters worse Dawn tells him that T.J. will be spending the day with Viv. Dawn enjoys her day in the office with Scott and they flirt and gossip. Zoe later asks Scott whether she had an ulterior motive in hiring Dawn. He claims that the though couldn’t be further from his mind but he sends Dawn a text message to thank her for her work nonetheless. When Terry asks who the text was from Dawn pretends that is was just some junk text.


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